LiLz Sound Search

This interactive demonstration of LiLz Sound Search provides an interface to search for sounds based on user-specified queries. Three audio files, two short (10 minutes) and one long (3 hours), are available to choose from. Audio files were recorded in Yanbaru Forest, a vast forest region covering the northern part of Okinawa island in Japan, and contain chirping of Okinawa Rail (Hypotaenidia okinawae), also known as "Yanbaru Kuina", an endangered endemic species listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Press "a" key on your keyboard to search for sounds similar to currently played sound.


Query Sound

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
a Toggle visibility of the top-10 sounds
t Toggle between play and pause
Left/Right Skip 1 second in backward/forward
Left/Right + Shift Skip 10 second in backward/forward

Mouse Actions

Action Description
Double click on graph Reset graph's x-axis to full data range
Drag select on graph Select a section of data to display

This demo is possible thanks to generous help of the Non-profit organization, Conservation & Animal Welfare Trust Okinawa, which focuses on conserving Yanbaru Kuina, and Okinawa Coca-Cola Bottling Co.,Ltd..

Powered by NVIDIA's GPU Technology, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and Google's TensorFlow and AudioSet.